With a whisper from eternity
a universe began
And GOD fashioned with HIS fingers
HIS one desire – man

HE allowed HIS love to overflow
into the hearts of dust
Filling them with HIS breath,
the world was theirs in trust

HE walked in close relationship
until they walked away
They chose knowledge over wisdom –
HE couldn’t let them stay

The relationship was broken
much like the Father’s heart
Desperate to be near HIS children
He poured Himself into an ark

HE gave instructions for a temple,
a golden box in which to dwell
Near HIS children HE could bless them,
instruct, and love them well

But in this lovely, gilded crate
set in a Holy Place
HIS relationship was limited –
HIS children needed a face

So HE left behind eternity
and birthed a face they could see
They walked with HIM and learned from HIM
in relationship…finally!

But not everyone could see HIM
for who HE really is
The GOD of all creation knew
there could be more than this

So HE fulfilled a plan for redemption
that HE knew would leave HIM scarred
But better death on a cross
than to live eternity apart

Hung in pain, alone and bare
HIS thoughts were for us all
Forgiveness granted, arrangements made
He screamed out HIS final call

With the tearing of HIS flesh,
the veil was torn from inside out
GOD was no longer bound in place,
but close to His children now

A single prayer of invitation
and He’s as close as our breath
Walking side by side in life
and even closer after death

He still yearns for the children
who linger far away
But He can call them closer
through the things we do and say

Let every action be a call
to the ones He holds so dear
Let every word speak of His love
and let love be what draws them near