HE spoke – and a universe was born
   a place HE didn’t even need
But HIS loving plans included more
   so by HIS breath, it came to be

HE let HIS hands get dirty
   creating man from dust
Adam felt the warming breath
   feeding life into his lungs

The breath that raised an army
   and restored life to the dead –
It exhaled its last upon this earth
   dying in our stead

We serve a GOD so powerful
   just a sigh could stop the stars
And yet, HE longs to have us near
   and breathe HIS life into our hearts

So HE gave us words to fill our souls
   each page imbued with HIS life
Every verse made new for me
   each day breathes new advice

I hear Your breath, I feel its warmth
   on each page I smell You more
I will taste and see this life You breathe,
   my purpose to explore