As you may see, this is one scene from the Bible I haven’t been able to get away from…

Dragged from her lover’s arms
   without the courtesy of clothes
Thrown before the Son of Man,
   threatened with judgment’s stones

She dared not raise her eyes to see
   the spectacle she’d caused
So she focused on the feet
   of the Son of GOD

“Let the sinless throw their stones”
   was all the lone Man said
Expecting pain at any second
   she braced herself with dread

But silence seemed to linger on
   after accusations were made
The Son of Man bent to the ground
   refusing to take the bait

From there HE looked her in the eye
   stare to level stare
What surprised the woman most of all
   was the forgiveness she saw there

What depth of Love! What wondrous Hope!
   What freedom to be found!
All seen in the gaze of the One
   now writing on the ground

“Look around” HE said at last
   “Where are those who would accuse?”
She broke the gaze to scan the field
   and her thoughts became confused

All were gone, it was true –
   only their stones remained
But she knew her sin was obvious
   surely her guilt would be maintained

And yet – she’d seen HIS eyes…
   there was forgiveness there
So she chose not to accuse herself –
   she accepted the freedom of HIS stare

“No one, my Lord,” she humbly said
   as HE pulled her to her feet
“Go, and sin no more” was all
   the Son of GOD would entreat

She was changed forevermore –
   who could ever be the same?
The loving Man, the Son of GOD
   still brings freedom in HIS Name