Nine months of incubation
then suddenly, it’s time!
I gasp in wonder, awed and staring –
“He’s mine?  He’s really mine?”

There it is, the very first step
he walked a crooked line!
We beam with pride, hugging him and
boasting aloud, “He’s mine!”

At school there was a tussle –
two bloody noses, one black eye
I claim the boy, mad and glaring,
embarrassed to admit he’s mine.

I see him shaving in the mirror
and as he clears his strong jaw line
I see his eyes and nose resemble
the same features I call mine.

Time flies so fast!  Here she is –
the one for whom he opens doors.
The wedding flows with joyous tears.
“He’s no longer mine, he’s yours.”

In heaven now, parenting done,
I wonder how wisely I’d used my time,
But I know success when of my son
my Father says, “He’s Mine.”