I am here and let me be
there is no shame in being me
Here is the comfort of my home
I am here – leave me alone!

Persistent pest, have Your way
just clean me up, but let me stay
The support here is all I’ve known
leave me in this solid home!

Bullish brute, You’d pry me out –
take me away, leave me without?
Don’t I get to have a say?
Fine, just fine – do it Your way!

Grinder now!  I’m sanded raw!
Don’t You care for me at all?
Those rough edges were my defense –
I expect some recompense!

Okay, I shine, now that’s enough
Wearing Your face is more than tough
But I see You still have plans for me
Why can’t You just let me be?

Surrounded in a home of gold
part of Your treasure, value untold
You saw all this from the start?
In the dark cave of my heart?

With Your vision You could see
the fullness of me complete
From what I was to what was to be
It’s all part of You in me