I had a dream last night
   and even the dream was dark
Yet I knew there was a purpose
   and I chose to embark

I stepped forward, slow of pace
   searching with hope for light
My focus shifted to the distance
   and I rebuked my sight

All I could see was black
   but I knew somewhere within
The light was shining somewhere –
   even if somewhat dim

I was just about to turn around
   when there it was – a spark!
The dark was forced to retreat
   as the brightness made its mark

Encouraged, I sped my pace
   and raced through the dimming black
The light increased in magnitude
   and forced the darkness back

Somewhere within the dream
   I realized I knew the key
The light I saw explode and win –
   that light was born from me

Startled awake, I refused return
   to the dream or to the dark
Knowing the key is within me
   I’m determined to make light’s mark