Like the woman, who, so long ago,
   washed Your feet with tears,
I, too, approached Your feet,
   though my eyes were clear.

I had wept so much already
   my mournful eyes were dry –
Dried to the depths of my soul,
   too heavy-hearted to sigh.

I tried to kiss Your feet as well,
   but old memories crept in.
Instead of showing Your devotion,
   I started gagging on my sin.

I came to You empty-handed –
   no oil, tears, or love.
But everything I lacked, You gave –
   You took me as I was.

You cried for my tearless eyes –
   anointed my dried up soul.
For my loveless heart, You held me close,
   and made the broken whole

At Your feet is where I belong,
   yet You hold me as a queen.
Greatly-loved woman of GOD –
   because of You, that’s me.