I have fun helping in the nursery at church. I am not cut out for doing it all the time, but about once a month I get my hands dirty, my hair pulled, and all the hugs I could ever want from the little ones.  I’ve learned a few things hanging out with so many babies too.  Here’s how it works:

1.  When you’re thirsty, grab a cup.  It doesn’t matter who came in with it.

2.  When you’re poopy, take off your pants – you get quick attention that way!

3.  Shoes and socks are optional.  There’s also the option of wearing someone else’s shoes or socks.

4.  Want to see a funny face?  Do a headstand in a rocking chair!

5.  When you’re tired of the toys, play IN the toy box.

6.  If you want more crackers, take them from the little kids.  They eat slow and will never miss them. 

7.  If you can’t climb on the table, turn it over and then sit on it.

8.  All diapers are NOT the same (size, shape, color) and kids know this.

9.  If someone cries, show solidarity.  Cry with them, then really help by crying LOUDER.

10.  Need out?  Stand quietly by the door.  When it opens, RUN!  You’re short and they might not notice.

Hope you enjoyed the things I learned.  I had fun learning them too!!!