I have been going through a rough couple of weeks. The conference I went to was a nice and faith-building break from the stress I have been facing at home, but when I came back, I received court papers telling me I had to appear in two weeks. I was shattered. How many of you can relate to the whole GOD-did-something-amazing-now-life-just-punched-me-in-the-face kind of whiplash? I experienced that and HARD!
So every day for two weeks I would wake up and look out my window at the man who was taking us to court…our neighbor and landlord. I can’t describe to you the stress, the constant stomach churning, every time I thought about it and the constant bickering in my family (in response to the overall tension, I’m sure). It’s been two awful weeks!
But GOD did amazing things, even in the face of this storm. Whenever I had a moment alone, I would pray. And by pray, I mean I tell GOD exactly what I think, no censoring (HE knew I was thinking it anyway) and I admitted to HIM my lack of faith and my inability to see past what was right in my face – the court date and what could happen.

And GOD being GOD, HE didn’t give me the answers the way I thought I should have them.  HE didn’t tell me what would happen.  HE didn’t tell me what I should say before the judge.  But when I was in that moment where I knew GOD could do anything, but I didn’t know how, I told HIM so…I said “Father I believe….please help my unbelief.”

And my faith grew.  The situation didn’t change – I still had a court date.  But my heart felt a little lighter and I knew that GOD was bigger than this storm.  So big in fact, that HE was sleeping in my boat, totally at peace and not worried at all by the winds howling and the waves tossing me around.  HE would sneak bits of songs into my head that were wonderful reminders of HIS greatness.  HE would send reminders of Scriptures about not worrying, HE knew what to say, and through these small faith-builders, I made it through the two weeks knowing HE had my back no matter what happened in court.  (In fact, I would practice what I would say in court, and HE would remind me not to…HE would give me the words I would need to say).

So court day arrived.  I was so nervous, but ready to have this wondering over and to know for sure what was going to happen.  My neighbor and I sat in front of the judge and I didn’t have to say a word.  Turns out the neighbor didn’t file the paperwork properly, so the entire case was thrown out.  THROWN OUT!  And I didn’t need to say anything!!!!!

That is the power of GOD.

HE is bigger than…(you fill in the blank).