The conference was fabulous!  I love watching teenagers get excited to share the love they have for Jesus!  But isn’t it funny that when GOD does something amazing like this, there always seems to be the post-mountaintop letdown as soon as you get home?

The laundry was piled up again (three days worth from 5 people stinking in suitcases – gross!), and the family was tired and cranky, and then there were the bills in the mailbox.  Not Fun.  But facing it all, I kept singing the songs we worshipped to this weekend.  That was simply because they were stuck in my head – it wasn’t actually a conscious decision to sing, but GOD used it to keep my heart uplifted while facing the hum-drums.  So now that it’s been a few days, I am singing the songs by choice.   And somehow it’s even more satisfying to put my faith out there and stand on the decision to praise.