What makes a Christmas perfect?  Family is an ideal we aspire to, but in reality family is never perfect, especially at holiday events.  The perfect gift is what we are all searching for to give that special loved one, but then why are the lines so long the day after?  Too many gifts aren’t perfect, or they are so perfect, they are given in plural.  The simple recipe  for Christmas perfection is this:  stop expecting to find it!  GOD’s perfect gift to us was HIS Son and look how HE was delivered:  born in a stable where common cows and sheep give birth, a stranger in a strange town, given to a young girl and her very confused betrothed.  Who found this perfect gift?  A few shepherds, who followed a song, and 3 foreign rulers who followed a star.  How many were looking for this perfect gift?  The king had sent out probably hundreds to search out and destroy this gift to all mankind and they failed to find HIM.  So how do we attain this perfect Christmas gift?  Three simple steps:  admit you are not perfect, admit that HE is, and ask HIM to forgive your lack and fill it with HIS fullness.  This is the way to a perfect Christmas indeed.