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Child of Light

She rubs her eyes against the night
Embracing the brightening dawn
Drinking whole the morning light
Born of a new day’s sun

Each breath a gift fully drawn
Each sight a joy to see
Each stride a new adventure
To become what she would be

Light yearns to illuminate
Wherever she would go
So it can stay near to the shine
Escaping from her soul

Stars fell from the darkened sky
To dance in her carefree eyes
Drawn away from their darkness
Magnetized to her light

And when she is undone
Exhausted from joy and play
She sleeps, my little angel
Child of light and day


Furious Love, Savage Grace

My GOD is a jealous GOD
and HE is jealous for me
HIS thoughts for me are limitless
and HE Loves me furiously

But the Truth of who I am
is embarrassing to me
Its bitterness is hard to swallow –
yet HIS Truth sets me free

Facing Truth with honesty
admitting the depths of sin
HE greets me with HIS fierce Mercy
and makes me whole again

Now surrounded by overwhelming Peace
and growing impassioned Faith
I’ve overcome the bitter Truth
and found HIS savage Grace

And so HE guards me jealously
I am HIS and HE is mine
Nothing will separate us
joined in the fiery Divine

To Be Near

With a whisper from eternity
a universe began
And GOD fashioned with HIS fingers
HIS one desire – man

HE allowed HIS love to overflow
into the hearts of dust
Filling them with HIS breath,
the world was theirs in trust

HE walked in close relationship
until they walked away
They chose knowledge over wisdom –
HE couldn’t let them stay

The relationship was broken
much like the Father’s heart
Desperate to be near HIS children
He poured Himself into an ark

HE gave instructions for a temple,
a golden box in which to dwell
Near HIS children HE could bless them,
instruct, and love them well

But in this lovely, gilded crate
set in a Holy Place
HIS relationship was limited –
HIS children needed a face

So HE left behind eternity
and birthed a face they could see
They walked with HIM and learned from HIM
in relationship…finally!

But not everyone could see HIM
for who HE really is
The GOD of all creation knew
there could be more than this

So HE fulfilled a plan for redemption
that HE knew would leave HIM scarred
But better death on a cross
than to live eternity apart

Hung in pain, alone and bare
HIS thoughts were for us all
Forgiveness granted, arrangements made
He screamed out HIS final call

With the tearing of HIS flesh,
the veil was torn from inside out
GOD was no longer bound in place,
but close to His children now

A single prayer of invitation
and He’s as close as our breath
Walking side by side in life
and even closer after death

He still yearns for the children
who linger far away
But He can call them closer
through the things we do and say

Let every action be a call
to the ones He holds so dear
Let every word speak of His love
and let love be what draws them near


Hands of GOD

A tiny baby reaches skyward
   for the stars so far away.
The hand that once hung them high
   now cannot touch them from the hay.

A young boy runs to mother
   having hammered his own thumb.
The hand that once created life
   was now wishing to be numb.

A man now, he stretches high,
   giving thanks and breaking bread.
His hands now feed the multitudes,
   heal the sick, and raise the dead.

A broken man, nailed to a cross,
   cannot reach to anyone.
The hands that set so many free
   were now pierced for everyone.

A risen Savior touches GOD,
   returning home to intercede.
The hands that once wore flesh and blood
   are now gloriously freed.

He reaches down to touch the world
   through people He atoned.
The hands that bring eternity
   are now your very own.


(*reworked an older poem)

Child of Night

The demons of dark spoke out
   they owned the child of night
They ordered her into the street
   to sell her soul’s birthright

She walked the cold, dark sidewalk
   as she had so oft before
But tonight, after all was done
   she knew there must be more

The dark hole in her heart
   yearned to be healed
But all the medicines she’d used
   left the void unfilled

Kneeling on the sidewalk-
   crying to be freed-
The demons lost their ownership
   to a mustard seed

Come to Me, child of night
   turn from your world of dark
Face, now, the Son of Light
   and this Love will fill your heart.


Remember Purpose

Past the point of caring
   not even hungry anymore
Seconds tick, lost forever
   what am I breathing for?

Knowing there is more than this,
   remembering there was
How long ago…was it real?
   grasping memories I’m unsure of

Putting my mind away
   letting heart and soul converse
Yes! They remember
   the Lord of all the Universe!

The Weaver of time and space
   Designer of mankind
Creator of my purpose –
   refresh it in my mind!

How I love You Jesus!
   Forgive my intellect
I thought I knew what to do
   and love was lost in my neglect

Refreshed in Your presence
   I embrace my work anew
Using heart first and foremost
   I love to follow You

Breath of GOD’s Word

HE spoke – and a universe was born
   a place HE didn’t even need
But HIS loving plans included more
   so by HIS breath, it came to be

HE let HIS hands get dirty
   creating man from dust
Adam felt the warming breath
   feeding life into his lungs

The breath that raised an army
   and restored life to the dead –
It exhaled its last upon this earth
   dying in our stead

We serve a GOD so powerful
   just a sigh could stop the stars
And yet, HE longs to have us near
   and breathe HIS life into our hearts

So HE gave us words to fill our souls
   each page imbued with HIS life
Every verse made new for me
   each day breathes new advice

I hear Your breath, I feel its warmth
   on each page I smell You more
I will taste and see this life You breathe,
   my purpose to explore

Purpose > Passion

When facing the broken road
   that endures beyond my sight
I find I can’t summon the strength
   for that first step into the night.

It’s easier for me to set up camp
   in the middle of this broken ground
No step, no strength, just resignation
   to be in the mess in which I’m found

But dissatisfaction kills my soul
   and makes it impossible to stay
Get up…GET UP! There’s someone there
   who needs to hear what you’re to say

Purpose is greater than passion
   it’s fueled by determination and will
The strength to walk isn’t yours
   but when you choose to go, you’re filled

Forgive me, Lord, for resignation
   laziness and hesitation
I will walk and I will go
   and I will help change this nation

So tired now, so near the end
   the race is almost done.
So I reminisce about the day
   when I first chose to run.

The joy of the beginning
   lightning soared through my veins.
Speed was my companion –
   until I felt the pain.

I slowed my pace and struggled on
   and I noticed others pass
Discouraged, I grasped some water
   and sat down on the grass

Once rested, I could run again
   though at a smarter pace.
A few miles more, I tripped and fell,
   scraping up my face.

It was harder to rise again,
   wiping my eyes to see.
I focused on things close at hand,
   like the street beneath my feet.

I wasn’t so invincible
   as I thought at the start.
Doubt crept in and, vision lost,
   my purpose fell apart.

Why was I running this?
   I could stop the hurt right now!
When I saw the hill in front of me
   I felt my courage cow

I stopped at the great hill’s base,
   breathing by gasp and pant.
I shook my head at the hill,
   then exhaled, “I can’t.”

I sat there and crumpled,
   too exhausted to even cry.
Too weary and broken to count
   the runners that passed by.

But One came out of nowhere
   and poured water on my lips.
He washed my face and cleared my eyes
   and healed the wound from my trip.

He took the time to help me rise
   then whispered, “Yes, you can.”
His hand clasped right over mine
   and, urging me, we ran.

We took the hill together
   one step, two, then more.
And once we reached the top,
   I felt like I could soar.

From the top I could see
   the doors that marked the end.
Now I run more joyfully,
   looking past the final bend.

I nearly hesitated
   as I ran through the door.
Then I found myself surrounded
   by the ones who ran before.

A great cheer erupted then –
   my name the cause of this melee.
I slowed my step, stunned with awe
   that these would shout for me.

In the center of the crowd
   was the One with whom I’d run.
Again, He took my hand
   and said to me, “Well done.”

based on John 8

As you may see, this is one scene from the Bible I haven’t been able to get away from…

Dragged from her lover’s arms
   without the courtesy of clothes
Thrown before the Son of Man,
   threatened with judgment’s stones

She dared not raise her eyes to see
   the spectacle she’d caused
So she focused on the feet
   of the Son of GOD

“Let the sinless throw their stones”
   was all the lone Man said
Expecting pain at any second
   she braced herself with dread

But silence seemed to linger on
   after accusations were made
The Son of Man bent to the ground
   refusing to take the bait

From there HE looked her in the eye
   stare to level stare
What surprised the woman most of all
   was the forgiveness she saw there

What depth of Love! What wondrous Hope!
   What freedom to be found!
All seen in the gaze of the One
   now writing on the ground

“Look around” HE said at last
   “Where are those who would accuse?”
She broke the gaze to scan the field
   and her thoughts became confused

All were gone, it was true –
   only their stones remained
But she knew her sin was obvious
   surely her guilt would be maintained

And yet – she’d seen HIS eyes…
   there was forgiveness there
So she chose not to accuse herself –
   she accepted the freedom of HIS stare

“No one, my Lord,” she humbly said
   as HE pulled her to her feet
“Go, and sin no more” was all
   the Son of GOD would entreat

She was changed forevermore –
   who could ever be the same?
The loving Man, the Son of GOD
   still brings freedom in HIS Name